There are 4 parts to this task

• Analyse the qualities and skills needed for a care practitioner to deliver effective care to your

chosen client group.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of your plan/checklist in meeting your aims and objectives.

• What recommendations would you make for future investigations?

• Produce a bibliography showing the sources of information that you have used within the controlled

assessment and their usefulness.

 There are 4 parts to this task;

Select a care practitioner who spends most of their day working with your chosen client group in your chosen service.

• Describe how your chosen care practitioner applies care values in their daily work.

• Analyse the possible effects on the client group if the care practitioner does not apply guidelines and codes of practice.

• Describe how care practitioners use communication skills to develop care relationships, provide and receive information and report on the work that they do with the people who use the service.

• Evaluate the qualification pathways which are needed to become this care practitioner.

There are 3 parts to this task

Show how the service has been designed to meet health, developmental and social needs

Explain informal carers and the support they give to clients

Describe how other services could meet the clients needs

There are 4 parts to this task:

- Describe with examples, how your client group gains access to the service

-Identify one piece of legislation which is relevant to your  chosen service. Describe the impact this legislation has had on the quality of service being delivered

- Identify the possible barriers that could prevent your client group from using the service. Explain how the service has implemented procedures to overcome these barriers

-Analyse the ways in which this service ensures equality of care for all people who use this service

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